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September 2008

Kompas – September 27, 2008

Man: 70 year retirement age, what’s wrong with that?! I’m not taking advantage of it... but at 70 year’s of age, we’re loved by the angels and God!... Don’t you know! (Sign on chair: Supreme Court)

Kid: So, you’re getting close to heaven’s gate right Mr!

Kompas – September 24, 2008

Legislators: Supreme Court justice retirement age becomes 70 years... Agreeeeed!

Legislators: Remember me okay... (right 67-year-old Supreme Court chief justice Bagir Manan).

April 2008

Kompas – April 7, 2008

Jakarta – With the release of all defendants charged over gross human rights violations in East Timor and Tanjung Priok, rights activists are calling on President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono review how gross human rights cases are being handled. They also reminded the president of the promise he made to the families of victims on March 26.