Criminal Justice & Legal System

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November 2010

Kompas – November 20, 2010

Gayus: Happy here, happy there, happy happy everywhere...

August 2010

Kompas – August 28, 2010

Kid: Mr, don’t worry about the wealth report... there’s a special going on letters certifying good behaviour... and remissions!

April 2010

Kompas – April 17, 2010

Kid: This scandal, that scandal, there’s no end to it... so what’s the broad national development program Sir?

Politician (chair reads “Republic of Clowns”): Build as maaaaany prisons as possible.

February 2010

Kompas – February 17, 2010

1st Man: You lookin’ for something?

2nd Man: His conscience.

January 2010

Kompas – January 16, 2010

Kid: It’s been like this for years...

Kompas – January 13, 2010

Prisoner: If there’s an inspection you’ll deal with it right, I’ll give you some more pocket money later ok?

Bottom cells: Chicken thief, pickpocket, clothing thief.

Kompas – January 4, 2010

Jakarta – A existence of a human rights court and ad hoc human rights judges needs to be reexamined. Moreover ad hoc human rights judges are seen as excessive and consideration needs to be given to whether such ad hoc judges are in line with international justice.