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November 2010

Kompas – November 20, 2010

Gayus: Happy here, happy there, happy happy everywhere...

August 2010

Kompas – August 28, 2010

Kid: Mr, don’t worry about the wealth report... there’s a special going on letters certifying good behaviour... and remissions!

April 2010

Kompas – April 17, 2010

Kid: This scandal, that scandal, there’s no end to it... so what’s the broad national development program Sir?

February 2010

Kompas – February 17, 2010

1st Man: You lookin’ for something?

2nd Man: His conscience.

January 2010

Kompas – January 16, 2010

Kid: It’s been like this for years...

Kompas – January 13, 2010

Prisoner: If there’s an inspection you’ll deal with it right, I’ll give you some more pocket money later ok?

Bottom cells: Chicken thief, pickpocket, clothing thief.

Kompas – January 4, 2010

Jakarta – A existence of a human rights court and ad hoc human rights judges needs to be reexamined.