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December 2015

Kompas – December 5, 2015

Kid: Your Honor!... Aren’t closed sessions usually for hearings into pornography?

September 2015

Kompas – September 23, 2015

Disgraced tax official Gayus Tambunan, serving a 30-year sentence for bribery, money-laundering and passport forgery, made waves yet again this week when a photo circulated online purporting to show him dining at a restaurant with two unidentified women in Jakarta.

May 2015

Kompas – May 2, 2015

An East Java court sentenced 70-year old Asyani to 15 months probation and a US$40,000 fine for stealing seven pieces of wood belonging to state company PT Perhutani. Asyani insists she took the wood from her own land years ago but lacked the proper documentation.

April 2015

Kompas – April 15, 2015

Fears that Indonesia is in the grip of a national ‘drugs emergency’ that is decimating the country’s youth were confirmed Monday after the National Narcotics Agency said it had busted an online operation selling marijuana brownies and arrested three people, one of whom attempted to justify the crime – for which they could receive the death penal