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December 2015

Kompas – December 5, 2015

Kid: Your Honor!... Aren’t closed sessions usually for hearings into pornography?

September 2015

Kompas – September 23, 2015

Disgraced tax official Gayus Tambunan, serving a 30-year sentence for bribery, money-laundering and passport forgery, made waves yet again this week when a photo circulated online purporting to sho

May 2015

Kompas – May 2, 2015

An East Java court sentenced 70-year old Asyani to 15 months probation and a US$40,000 fine for stealing seven pieces of wood belonging to state company PT Perhutani.

April 2015

Kompas – April 15, 2015

Fears that Indonesia is in the grip of a national ‘drugs emergency’ that is decimating the country’s youth were confirmed Monday after the National Narcotics Agency said it had busted an online ope