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October 2009

Kompas – October 7, 2009

1st man: How come no political party disaster relief coordination posts have appeared?

2nd man: Wait for the 2014 elections.

Thousands of families are still homeless in Padang, West Sumatra, two weeks after a 7.9-magnitude quake hit the province.

September 2009

Kompas – September 12, 2009

Kid: How come your political party isn’t setting up disaster relief coordination posts like before?

Man: What for? The elections are over don’t you know.

July 2009

Kompas – July 18, 2009

Kid: Dad! There been another mud outflow in Sidoarjo.

Man: Yeah I’m thinking bout it (Quick count, recapitulation, election commission, electoral roll)

June 2009

Kompas – June 20, 2009

Kid: How come there’s no election campaign in the mud dad?

April 2009

Kompas – April 1, 2009

1st man: From here we can learn about other dams...

2nd man: Aren’t you going wait till it bursts first?

March 2009

Kompas – March 14, 2009

Man: Why don’t you make a meal out of him?

Sign on truck reads Illegal logging

Deforestation as a result of rampant illegal logging and conversion of rain forests for palm oil plantations is resulting in an increased frequency of human-animal conflicts – often fatal for both species.

February 2009

Kompas – February 28, 2009

Kid: After we vote in the mud we won’t have to live in it anymore right Dad?

Sign sinking in mud: Lapindo

Placard: Basic Commodities Party

Sign on right: Presidential election