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July 2012

Kompas – July 7, 2012

The “Lapindo(s) Beauty Spa” as it is jokingly called, referring to the massive Lapindo mud flow disaster in East Java blamed on drilling by a company linked to Golkar Party chairperson and business tycoon Aburizal Bakrie (right), continues to dog his 2014 presidential ambitions with two victims receiving widespread media coverage as they near th

June 2012

Kompas – June 13, 2012

Speaking in Bogor before setting out for the UN Sustainable Development Conference in Rio de Janeiro, President Yudhoyono appealed to global leaders to move toward a green economy saying Indonesia had adopted an environmentally sustainable model of economic growth where its forests were prized and protected.

January 2012

Kompas – January 4, 2012

Man: Optimistic?

Flood waters read: Corruption, mafia, violence...