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December 2018

CNN Indonesia – December 11, 2018

Jakarta – Hundreds of people from the Indonesian Forum for the Environment (Walhi) and other regional based groups held a protest action next to the State Palace in Central Jakarta on Tuesday December 11.

Kompas – December 5, 2018

On November 19 a team from Wakatobi National Park found 5.9 kilograms of plastic garbage inside the stomach of a dead sperm whale that had beached on Kapota Island, Southeast Sulawesi.

October 2018

Berdikari Online – October 4, 2018

Raymond Samuel – Despite being embroiled in an economic crisis and even being depicted as a “failed state” by the Western media, Venezuela is still able to show empathy and solidarity with the victims of the earthquake in Central Sulawesi.

Kompas – October 3, 2018

The tsunami that hit Central Sulawesi on Friday – where walls of water up to 6 metres and a magnitude 7.5 earthquake killed at least 832 people in the cities of Palu and Donggala – has highlighting the weaknesses of the existing warning system and low public awareness about how to respond to warnings.

September 2018

CNN Indonesia – September 30, 2018

Jakarta – The National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) says that since 2012 Indonesia has had no functioning early tsunami detection buoys.

August 2018

Detik News – August 8, 2018

Angling Adhitya Purbaya, Semarang – Seven environmental activists have been put behind bars for fighting against pollution caused the company PT Rayon Utama Makmur (RUM) in Sukoharjo, Central Java.

An appeal against the sentences is still underway on the grounds that the judges [failed] to heed the facts in reaching the verdict.

Kompas – August 1, 2018

A seven-day state of emergency has been declared following a magnitude 7 earthquake (gempa) that hit the Indonesian tourist island of Lombok on Sunday.

July 2018

Sukoharjo Sorot – July 31, 2018

Vitriana Dhessy, Sukoharjo – Families demanding justice for those charged with vandalising the company PT Rayon Utama Makmur (RUM) are continuing to protest.

As if they do not know the meaning of the word tired, they have continued fighting to the last drop of blood to win their demands.

April 2018

News/West Papua
Java Post – April 8, 2018

Denpasar – The Papuan Student Alliance (AMP) has again spoken out against the PT Freeport Indonesia gold-and-copper mine in West Papua.

News/West Papua
Suara Papua – April 5, 2018

Jayapura – Five activists from the Independent Student Forum (FIM) who were involved in a solidarity action to collect to funds for victims of an earthquake in Papua New Guinea were reportedly arrested by police in Jayapura on Thursday April 5.