Environment & Natural Disasters

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December 2014

Kompas – December 17, 2014

Man: They make a big fuss when there’s a disaster, after that they forget about it

Kompas – December 6, 2014

Kid: Once again... for the sake of humanity, who’s responsible Mr?

Man: The one up there!

November 2014

Kompas – November 11, 2014

Environmental and community activists say that the 32-kilometre long giant sea wall being built off Jakarta’s north coast to protect the capital from flooding by high tides, which will also include

October 2014

Kompas – October 15, 2014

A month after Indonesia ratified the Asean Agreement on Transboundary Haze Pollution – supposedly a turning point in ending the annual haze problems that create havoc in Indonesia and neighboring S

September 2014

Kompas – September 20, 2014

Man: Responsibility isn’t just about compensation Mr! (hand reads humanity)

April 2014

Kompas – April 2, 2014

1st Man: Look out, carbon emissions!

2nd Man: Look out, promise emissions!

February 2014

Kompas – February 5, 2014

Water reads: Natural Disasters. Sack reads: Budget.

January 2014

Kompas – January 24, 2014

According to the National Disaster Mitigation Agency a total of 5,650 or an average of 514 people per year lost their lives due to disasters such as flooding and landslides from 2003 to 2013.

Kompas – January 22, 2014

1st Man: He’s coming here to inspect the situation yeah?

2nd Man: No fool, he’s off to a party meeting