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December 2010

Kompas – December 8, 2010

1st Man: Everything’s covered in dust...

2nd Man: But not the promises made to us, right?

November 2010

ARM – November 9, 2010

Starting from November 5 2010, the national SBY-Boediono government decided that the Merapi volcano eruption disaster would be led by the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB).

Kompas – November 3, 2010

1st Man: We live in a disaster prone area so of course we have to be responsive to disasters...

2nd Man: Their response is just a comparative study...

October 2010

Kompas – October 30, 2010

Alie: It’s your own fault for living in Mentawai, why didn’t you just become the speaker of the House!

Cartoons/West Papua
Kompas – October 16, 2010

Once upon a time in Wasior...

July 2010

Kompas – July 21, 2010

1st Man: By 2050 many of our islands will be under water.

2nd Man: What’s important is they’re safe till 2014, right?

June 2010

Kompas – June 8, 2010

While environmental groups have welcomed a promised moratorium on deforestation as part of a deal with Norway to protect Indonesia’s rain forests, they say the details remain vague and question whe

Kompas – June 2, 2010

1st Man: Tomorrow we commemorate the birth of Pancasila, remember?

2nd Man: When will it be put into practice?...

March 2010

Kompas – March 31, 2010

Hello hello Bandung, city of memories, long has it been since I last visited you, now you have become a sea of flood, brothers let us replant.

January 2010

Kompas – January 27, 2010

What was supposed to be a key environmental speech from West Kalimantan Governor Cornelis in the increasingly deforested district of Kubu Raya, which is suffering from alarming levels of deforestat