Drunken Republic Cartoons 2009

December 2009

Kompas – December 26, 2009

Kid: 2009 has been full of reality shows, corruption, bribery, debtors fleeing the country, evictions, communities clashing with police, student brawls, the gecko vs crocodile scandal, the Bank Century inquiry, it’s been exhausting Dad!

Man: Let us hope for peace on earth and in 2010 and that they’ll be lots of real reality shows!

Kompas – December 23, 2009

The House of Representatives – consistently rated as one of the most corrupt institutions in the country – is seeking to strip the Corruption Eradication Commission of its wiretapping powers, which anti-corruption activists say is an essential tool in its fight against corruption.

Kompas – December 19, 2009

Kid: It turns out that a coin can carry more weight, right Dad?

Scales read: Justice/Law.

Kompas – December 16, 2009

Man: You’ll be exonerating those who are right and blaming those who are wrong, right Mr?

Kompas – December 9, 2009

Protester: Hey Mr, corruption’s taking a holiday today... come on, you wanna join the demos?

Kompas – December 5, 2009

...Political negotiations? Will it be a win-win solution or just be put on ice like other inquiries?

Kompas – December 2, 2009

Man: Someone’s defiantly playing with fire.

Analysis say that the House of Representatives’ Bank Century inquiry is rapidly turning into a fight within the political elite in which the originally stated goal of uncovering the truth behind the bailout decision is being sidelined by competing political interests.

November 2009

Kompas – November 28, 2009

Kid: So in the end there were no winners or losers right Dad! So was it for the sake of justice? For stability? For what? For who? Was it for the people? For...?

Man: It was for, for, for the sake of... Kid: ...nothing at all!!

Kompas – November 24, 2009

While the rich and powerful trample over the legal system with impunity, the poor and those seeking redress for injustice, domestic violence and human rights abuses face a maze of corruption, legal discrimination and bureaucratic hurdles.

Kompas – November 21, 2009

Man: If you want to get it clean, you’ve got to change the water Mr.

Bucket reads: Law & Judiciary

Kompas – November 18, 2009

Man: Don’t take too long about it Mr...

Kompas – November 14, 2009

Man: Of course a crocodile would win a fight against a gecko.

Kid: Right Dad. Especially if it’s helped by a komodo dragon, a dinosaur, and... Godzilla!

Kompas – November 11, 2009

Student: In times such as this Sir, do you really think we still have any champions? Now our corruptors, they have lots!

Kompas – November 7, 2009

Man: Wow. There’s another KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission): The Corruptor Defenders Conspiracy!

Kompas – November 4, 2009

The November 3 live broadcast of a voice recording by the Constitutional Court in which business tycoon Anggodo Widjojo (pictured top right) is heard plotting with officials from the police and the Attorney General’s Office to frame two Corruption Eradication Commission deputies, only confirmed what most Indonesian’s already knew – that justice

October 2009

Kompas – October 31, 2009

Man: Hey Mr Minister... with the wage increases and generous facilities can you still see us clearly from behind the smoked glass windows?

Kompas – October 28, 2009

One pot, the pot of Indonesia – A play on the October 28, 1928 Youth Pledge: One state, one nation and one language – Indonesia.

Kompas – October 24, 2009

Carpet reads: Corruption, poverty, judicial mafia, bribery, education, healthcare, unemployment, migrant workers, natural disasters, Lapindo, human rights, Bank Century.

Kompas – October 21, 2009

Boxes read ‘Bureaucratic reform’, ‘Law enforcement and human Rights, ‘Corruption’.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s inaugural speech on Tuesday triggered a round of criticism from experts and civil society groups with most highlighting the needs for him to realise his promises.

Kompas – October 17, 2009

Women: Quiet. He’s waiting for a call on the results of his prosperity test as minister for humor and jokes in the republic of dreams!