Drunken Republic Cartoons 2010

December 2010

Kompas – December 29, 2010

Corruption-collusion-nepotism, law enforcement, migrant workers beheaded, marginal...

Man: We’re not just going into the same room again are we?

Kompas – December 22, 2010

Crowd: We won, we won...

Man: So when will we win against them? (jacket reads corruption)

Kompas – December 11, 2010

Man: A monarchy? No way!

Kid: How right you are lord

Man: It’s not in accordance with the constitution!

Kid: It’s truly so your majesty

Man: It’s not in line with democracy!

Kid: Blessed be my lord

Kompas – December 8, 2010

1st Man: Everything’s covered in dust...

2nd Man: But not the promises made to us, right?

Kompas – December 4, 2010

Dentist: You’ll need lots of checkups Mr! So you don’t get toothless too quick and have them replaced by false teeth!

Kompas – December 1, 2010

Government: It’s impossible to have a monarchy system

Man: What’s this, another ‘eruption’

November 2010

Kompas – November 27, 2010

Taxation, Politics, Funny business

Kompas – November 24, 2010

Woman: We’ll be furnished with cell phones remember...

1st Man: And if the employer asks for them?

2nd Man: The legal protections don’t connect do they? (a play on tulalit, bad phone connection)

Kompas – November 20, 2010

Gayus: Happy here, happy there, happy happy everywhere...

Kompas – November 13, 2010

Bakso seller: Mr President! Was it in the interests of Indonesian-American relations or for the sake of... bakso!

Kompas – November 10, 2010

Against a backdrop of humanitarian disasters and anti-US protests, President Obama’s first visit to Indonesia was overshadowed by the ‘handshakegate’ affair after Communications Minister Tifatul Sembiring found himself at the centre of a media maelstrom for shaking hands with First Lady Michelle Obama after he swore he would not touch a woman to

Kompas – November 8, 2010

Rampant unregulated urban development, which environmentalists blame on widespread collusion between city officials and the business elite, has resulted in Jakarta loosing 28% of its green space over the last 25 years – much of it replaced by shopping malls, luxury apartments and government offices.

Kompas – November 6, 2010

Kid: Perhaps the people’s representatives would be smarter and perform better if their new building and comparative studies were here (Sidoarjo), in Wasior, in Mentawai or Merapi, yeah Dad!

Kompas – November 3, 2010

1st Man: We live in a disaster prone area so of course we have to be responsive to disasters...

2nd Man: Their response is just a comparative study...

October 2010

Kompas – October 30, 2010

Alie: It’s your own fault for living in Mentawai, why didn’t you just become the speaker of the House!

Kompas – October 27, 2010

Man: Are you evacuating too Mr?

Legislator: A comparative study!

Kompas – October 23, 2010

President: What, you want to overthrow me?!

Kid: Mr... the legs on your chair need fixing!

Kompas – October 20, 2010

1st Man: We’ve been waiting a year already... how much longer?

2nd Man: There’s still four more years to go...

Kompas – October 18, 2010

From an opinion piece in the Jakarta daily Kompas by Ikrar Nusa Bhakti on the first year of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s second term in office titled Before the Catastrophe.

West Papua
Kompas – October 16, 2010

Once upon a time in Wasior...