Drunken Republic Cartoons 2013

December 2013

Kompas – December 28, 2013

Man: Peace on earth!

Kompas – December 21, 2013

Kid: Dynasties aren’t just in Banten are they Mr?

Kompas – December 14, 2013

Man speaking to Transport Minister EE Mangindaan: Mr Minister, the road accident rate is dropping, that means transportation is improving yeah?

Kompas – December 11, 2013

Man: Ahh, all that’s changed is the year and they’ve gotten older...

Caleg: It’s also changed my fortunes!

Kompas – December 4, 2013

Man: Please, go ahead Mr...

November 2013

Kompas – November 30, 2013

Man speaking to KPK chief Abraham Samad and Supreme Audit Agency head Hadi Poernomo: What’s important is where the money went Mr!

Kid: The money’s found its way far and wide... and in the end...

Kompas – November 20, 2013

With legislative and presidential elections only a few months away, the Australian spy scandal provided a perfect opportunity for political grandstanding with politicians of every strip falling over each other to demonstrate their nationalist credentials by either blasting Australia – or slamming President Yudhoyono for over-reacting or criticis

Kompas – November 16, 2013

Man: Don’t go saying my party is a corrupt party!

Kompas – November 13, 2013

With hordes of cheap, new cars and motorcycles continuing to hit the city’s streets, and the two rail-based public transit networks not expected to be ready until at least 2016, experts have warned that Jakarta faces total gridlock in 2014.

Kompas – November 6, 2013

Man: Look out Mr!

Kompas – November 2, 2013

Man: There are still lots of masked monkeys like this in Jakarta right Mr?

October 2013

Kompas – October 30, 2013

Document reads: ‘Iron-Sand Mining Project Permit’

Kompas – October 26, 2013

Man: A fantasy umbrella waving in the morning sun, hey, hey who is she...

Kid: May I see your radiant face... hey, hey Bunda Putri... (from the song Payung Fantasi by Ismail Marzuk)

Kompas – October 21, 2013

Observers say that the arrest of Constitutional Court Chief Justice Akil Mochtar on corruption charges has severely shaken the public’s faith in the judicial system and ordinary people are starting to despair in the face of a litany of corruption and bribery cases involving every branch of power – legislative, judicial and executive.

Kompas – October 19, 2013

Cat: A dynasty? What’s wrong with that if you can do it...

Man: If you can bribe people right Mr?

Kompas – October 16, 2013

Migrant workers: We’re always the victims. Platform reads Foreign Exchange Heroes, bubble reads Legal Protection.

Kompas – October 12, 2013

President Yudhoyono: Save the MK

Kid: That’s all very well but when will we be saved Dad?

Kompas – October 11, 2013

The only real surprise about Constitutional Court (MK) chief justice Akil Mochtar’s arrest on corruption charges is the political amnesia of those who have joined the chorus of condemnation against him: former MK chiefs who paved the way for graft in the court by curtailing the Judicial Commission’s oversight powers, lawmakers who extend Akil’s

Kompas – October 9, 2013

The arrest of Constitutional Court (Mahkamah Konstitusi) chief justice Akil Mochtar on corruption charges has been described as a ‘national disgrace’ and highlighted the fact that corruption had infiltrated all levels of the legislative, judicial and executive branches of government.

Kompas – October 5, 2013

Man: A comic farce! Meanwhile our legal system remains a tragedy!