Drunken Republic Cartoons 2012

December 2012

Kompas – December 29, 2012

From left to right: Djoko Susilo, Muhammad Nazaruddin, Wa Ode Nurhayati, Andi Mallarangeng, Achmad Yamanie, Anas Urbaningrum, Angelina Sondakh.

Drum reads: Politicisation and commercialisation of the law.

Kompas – December 26, 2012

Man: Relax, we’re used to surviving without leadership

Kompas – December 22, 2012

Drum reads: Political racket

Kompas – December 15, 2012

Man: Arrogance and personal ambition.

Kompas – December 8, 2012

Man: Horeee... Indonesia’s the champion (Cup reads International Anti Corruption Day)

Kompas – December 5, 2012

Sign reads: Prosperity

November 2012

Kompas – November 28, 2012

In what is becoming a depressingly regular event with the onset of the rainy season each year, torrential rains over the weekend triggered widespread flooding and traffic gridlock throughout much of Jakarta, including the central business district with its iconic Welcome Monument, which is not among the city’s 78 flood-prone areas.

Kompas – November 24, 2012

Bags read: Engineering comparative study, Red Cross comparative study, XYZ study.

Kid: There’s collusion here isn’t there Dad?

Kompas – November 21, 2012

Lawmakers: Bye... (document in bag reads Comparative Study)

Kompas – November 14, 2012

1st Student: Independence is a golden bridge, you know...

2nd Student: So where’s the bridge?

Kompas – November 10, 2012

Writing on dragon reads: Corruption, human rights, judicial mafia, terrorism, racial, religious and ethnic conflict, XYZ.

Man (speaking to President Yudhoyono): Try using the keris of Mpu Gandring Mr!

Kompas – November 7, 2012

Fauzi: Former [graft] convicts are prohibited from being government officials.

Kompas – November 3, 2012

Signs reads Dignity, Corruption, (Malaysian) Ringgit. Bumper reads National Unity Cabinet Volume 2.

Migrant worker: There’s no need to talk about dignity Mr! We just want to be free from poverty!

October 2012

Kompas – October 31, 2012

Bubble reads Legal Protection, cash box reads Foreign Exchange

Kompas – October 27, 2012

Board reads: Indo-clown-ia Cuisine

Kid (speaking to President Yudhoyono): The most appetizing is the terror omelette and crusty terror... and to drink the honey and ginger terror milk, seriously Mr!

Kompas – October 17, 2012

In addition to the myriad of social and economic problems that plague the capital, newly elected Jakarta governor and deputy governor Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo (right) and Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama (left) also face what some observers have called the ‘triad of dark forces’ – business interests that have enjoyed decades of rampant unregulated deve

Kompas – October 13, 2012

President Yudhoyono: It’s like this! But it’s also like that!

Kid: For the salvation of what. And for the sake of who Mr?

Kompas – October 10, 2012

Man standing behind KPK chief Abraham Samad: Just when there’s so much work. Writing on shadowy figure reads ‘Intimidation, threats’.

Kompas – October 6, 2012

1st Legislator: Revise the KPK law! 2nd Legislator: No way!

Man (talking to KPK chief Abraham Samad): They proposed it themselves now they’re rejecting it, it’s just to build their party’s anti-corruption image right Mr?

Kid: The Republic of Indonesia-Clowns

September 2012

Kompas – September 22, 2012

Man: Yes! He’s won! Kid: A people’s coalition?

Politician: Not necessarily! (monitor reads ‘political machine’ count)