Drunken Republic Cartoons 2014

December 2014

Kompas – December 20, 2014

Kid: These politicians are statesmen too right Dad? (headline reads Rival National Congress, Rival Chairperson)

Politician: Yes... but no... politicians think about seats, statesmen think about the people! (chair reads ‘Basic Commodities Party’)

Kompas – December 17, 2014

Man: They make a big fuss when there’s a disaster, after that they forget about it

Kompas – December 15, 2014

From an op-ed piece titled Democracy in tatters at parliament.

Kompas – December 13, 2014

Kid: Political brawling... political dynamics... or oplosan Dad? (drum reads ‘Politics is the commander’)

Kompas – December 10, 2014

International Anti-Corruption Day was marked across the country Tuesday, with many calling for harsher sentences and the seizure of graft convict’s assets.

Kompas – December 6, 2014

Kid: Once again... for the sake of humanity, who’s responsible Mr?

Man: The one up there!

Kompas – December 3, 2014

A power struggle inside Suharto’s former ruling party Golkar is seen as a proxy fight between New Order general Prabowo Subianto’s Red and White Coalition (KMP) and the parties backing President Widodo’s government in parliament.

November 2014

Kompas – November 29, 2014

Man: Consensus?

Kompas – November 26, 2014

A statement by the Association for Provincial Governments that they are ready to be sentenced to death if convicted of graft (evoking memories of the widely ridiculed statement by high-profile graft convict Anas Urbaningrum who said he would hang himself from the National Monument if found guilty) has been dismissed as a publicity stunt after th

Kompas – November 22, 2014

Man: Success! Comedy drama round one

Kid: You mean they’ll be a second round Dad?

Kompas – November 19, 2014

While the government claims that the US$9 billion or so saved from the recent fuel (BBM) subsidy cuts will be allocated to much needed infrastructure, thereby compensating the poor who will bear the brunt high inflation, critics say most of the planned projects – new ports, dams, airports, industrial parks and roads – will primarily benefit big

Kompas – November 11, 2014

Environmental and community activists say that the 32-kilometre long giant sea wall being built off Jakarta’s north coast to protect the capital from flooding by high tides, which will also include a massive land reclamation project and the building of 17 artificial islands, will spell almost certain ecological disaster for Jakarta which is curr

Kompas – November 8, 2014

Lawmaker: Who says we’re getting paid for doing nothing! I’m working don’t you know!

Kompas – November 5, 2014

Man: My forefathers were a people of the sea...

October 2014

Kompas – October 15, 2014

A month after Indonesia ratified the Asean Agreement on Transboundary Haze Pollution – supposedly a turning point in ending the annual haze problems that create havoc in Indonesia and neighboring Singapore and Malaysia – massive forest fires are again generating thick haze in Riau and other parts of Sumatra and Kalimantan.

Kompas – October 11, 2014

Document: Revenge and Political Intrigue Law

Kid: Dad, I’m really confused... what’s important is we can still eat stir fried enceng gondok and tempe bongkrek (cheap sources of food for the poor)

Kompas – October 8, 2014

Package, package, package... Bag reads paket sembako (basic goods package)

Kompas – October 4, 2014

Kid: This is a republic of the people, by the people, for...

Kompas – October 1, 2014

Regional elections 2005-2014, indirect regional elections

September 2014

Kompas – September 27, 2014

Kid: Where’s your ethics and self-respect?

Sign reads: Overcoming problems without problems – slogan of the state-owned pawnshop company Perum Pegadaian