Drunken Republic Cartoons

June 2008

Kompas – June 28, 2008

Men: Long live elections for regional heads!! Long live democracy!!

Man: …Now we’re free to join any party we want including… the Golput Party!!

Golput – Meaning to abstain from voting or not marking the ballot paper.

Kompas – June 23, 2008

Ballot box: Promises, promises, promises, promises, promises

Kompas – June 21, 2008

Dummy:  …Dual positions! A conflict of interest? No way!!

Man: For the sake of the party… for the sake of KKN… for the sake of… all the more for me!

Kompas – June 14, 2008

Sign on desk reads: Corruption Eradication Commission.

Kompas – June 13, 2008

Television: Euro Cup 2008

Father: Today we’ll just “eat” soccer okay kid...

Kompas – June 11, 2008

Vice President Jusuf Kalla: Dual positions? Totally legit...

Men: Got any openings Boss?

Folder reads: Job application.