Drunken Republic Cartoons

February 2009

Kompas – February 21, 2009
pemilih (voter): root word: pilih (choose); prefix: pe meaning: yang memilih (those who choose/vote)
Kompas – February 14, 2009

Kid: Fuel prices have gone down, so how come prices keep going up, Sir...

Legislative Candidate (Caleg): Because fuel is scarce!

Kid: But Sir! Why’s it scarce?

Caleg: Because prices keep going up!!

Placard: Basic Commodities Party

Kompas – February 2, 2009

1st Man: Wow. The House of Representatives... sophisticated, impressive, luxurious, inspiring...

2nd Man: What? Their performance? Their closeness to the people?

1st Man: Their plans for a new building...

January 2009

Kompas – January 28, 2009

1st Man: A [winning] candidate is based upon a majority vote.

2nd Man: Ah yes, but votes can be bought.

1st Man: Then why do people prefer for women candidates. 

1st Man: There hasn’t been any corrupt women legislators yet, clean...

Kompas – January 24, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

Sign: Visit Jakarta the Water Front City

For many communities in North Jakarta this year, Chinese New Year celebrations were marred by widespread flooding.

Kompas – January 21, 2009

Writing above House of Representatives: Absent! They’ve got permission... Also absent... They’ve got permission too... Also got permission. Unclear!

Man: Wander when they’ll be promoted to the next grade?

Kompas – January 17, 2009

Man: ...I’m not worried about disasters or if the price of kerosene will going down, Madame... But what about my fortunes, in the elections?

Kompas – January 14, 2009

Man: It sank over there, why are you looking here?

Man with torch: Divine wisdom...

Kompas – January 3, 2009

Kid: Hey Dad, is the problem with the fuel or the car’s performance?

December 2008

Kompas – December 31, 2008

Man: Better if we look at it as being half-full...

Woman: ...In anticipation of [using] fire wood

Widespread shortages of bottled LPG and kerosene – which is used by the poor as cooking fuel – is forcing many households to go back to cooking with firewood.

Kompas – December 27, 2008

Happy New Year 2009

Kompas – December 20, 2008

Man: End of year holiday? Sure thing!

Woman: Were we goin’ honey?

Man: To queue for LPG!

Supply problems in the lead up to the holiday season have further dented public confidence in the government’s ill conceived and poorly implemented plan to replace kerosene with bottled LPG as household cooking fuel.

Kompas – December 13, 2008

Kid: Watch out Mr, there’s a commemoration of World Anti-Corruption Day!!

Man with bank notes stuffed in jacket pocket: Great!... That means... In the world, I’m not alone!

November 2008

Kompas – November 22, 2008

Sign in rice field: Here will be built the Trans Java highway

Kid: Yahoo...! With the compensation we can buy a car right dad!

Kompas – November 19, 2008

Writing on semi-trailer: 2028. Rice imports.

Experts are warning that the failure to invest in infrastructure and a steady decline in arable land due to environmental degradation and land conversion for housing and industry will result in Indonesia becoming almost entirely dependent upon food imports to meet its needs.

Kompas – November 12, 2008

Man: Hey, don’t forget to arrest the hoodlums in ties Mr...!

Writing on shirt: hooliganism

October 2008

Kompas – October 29, 2008

Writing on worm: KKN – Corruption, Collusion, Nepotism

Caption: One basket full, the Indonesian basket [case]. A play on words taken from the October 28, 1928 Youth Pledge: one state, one nation and one language – Indonesia.

Kompas – October 23, 2008

Background: House of Representatives building

Badges read: Legislative candidate

The large number of family members of party leaders contesting the 2009 elections has raised concerns that it will further erode the quality and image of the House, dubbed as one of the most corruption and incompetent institutions in the country.

Kompas – October 18, 2008

Woman: ...Global financial crisis, local crisis, high prices...

Man: ...No problem... Our economic foundations are solid you know...

Badge reads: Vote for me.

Writing on drum reads: 2009 elections.

Kompas – October 15, 2008

Black hose reads: Infrastructure

White hose reads: Bureaucracy

Writing on pot plant: Investment