Corruption & Abuse of Power

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December 2010

Kompas – December 22, 2010

Crowd: We won, we won...

Man: So when will we win against them? (jacket reads corruption)

Kompas – December 4, 2010

Dentist: You’ll need lots of checkups Mr! So you don’t get toothless too quick and have them replaced by false teeth!

October 2010

Kompas – October 13, 2010

Broker – Fee – Budget – Welfare

Kompas – October 9, 2010

Kid: So you’ll be made the boss for the sake of politics... power... the political parties... or for the sake of... the piggy banks!

August 2010

Kompas – August 25, 2010

Document on scale reads ‘Wealth Report’

Kompas – August 22, 2010

Traffic cop: Mooooney... a play on the words duit (money) and peluit (whistle)

Man: Those kind of whistle-blowers, they’ve been around for ages Mr!

July 2010

Kompas – July 24, 2010

Man: The Bank Century case, this case that case, case XYZ, to the piggy bank case, they will all be fully investigated! Full, full, fully!

Kid: Will!

Kompas – July 3, 2010

Kid: There are may roads to Rome, but when will we get there Dad?

June 2010

Kompas – June 14, 2010

Jakarta – The widespread use of political image projection, including in the recent elections of regional heads, is further driving up the cost of competing in elections.

May 2010

Kompas – May 1, 2010

Man: In just a moment we will witness the comic play Gecko vs the Crocodile Part II... staring: Godzilla the case broker!!

Sign reads: Republic of clowns