Corruption & Abuse of Power

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December 2014

Kompas – December 10, 2014

International Anti-Corruption Day was marked across the country Tuesday, with many calling for harsher sentences and the seizure of graft convict’s assets.

November 2014

Kompas – November 26, 2014

A statement by the Association for Provincial Governments that they are ready to be sentenced to death if convicted of graft (evoking memories of the widely ridiculed statement by high-profile graft convict Anas Urbaningrum who said he would hang himself from the National Monument if found guilty) has been dismissed as a publicity stunt after th

Kompas – November 5, 2014

Man: My forefathers were a people of the sea...

September 2014

News/Indonesia – September 15, 2014

Wijaya Kusuma, Yogyakarta – Investigators from the municipal police Special Crimes Detective Unit (Dit Reskrimsus) in the Central Java city of Yogyakarta have seized two luxury cars from the Yogyakarta-Central Java chairperson of the Islamic Defenders Front, Bambang Tedy.

March 2014

Kompas – March 26, 2014

Man (speaking to KPK chief Abraham Samad): There’s an unpleasant odor of social aid funds isn’t there Mr?

Kompas – March 6, 2014

Kid: Rushing it aren’t we?

Man (Speaking to KPK chief Abraham Samad): Mr, do you think perhaps that future former officials are afraid of being made to wear KPK vests!

February 2014

Kompas – February 22, 2014

Man: Bored yet Mr! Forget about it until there’s a change of administration then dig it up again like usual!

Kid: A political Pandora’s box