Corruption & Abuse of Power

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November 2013

Kompas – November 30, 2013

Man speaking to KPK chief Abraham Samad and Supreme Audit Agency head Hadi Poernomo: What’s important is where the money went Mr!

October 2013

Kompas – October 26, 2013

Man: A fantasy umbrella waving in the morning sun, hey, hey who is she...

September 2013

Kompas – September 7, 2013

Kid: It looks like the mad cow disease is spreading Dad?

Man: It’s not mad cow disease, they’re cow-crazy (to become crazy about making money from cows)!

June 2013

Kompas – June 25, 2013

From an oped piece titled The Social Exhibitionism of Politikus (Politikus – literally ‘political rat’, a derogatory term for politicians)

April 2013

Kompas – April 27, 2013

Writing on donkey reads: “Legislative candidate”, corrupt politicians, fugitives from justice, hoodlums, insane, falsified deplomas...

February 2013

Kompas – February 20, 2013

Megaphone reads ‘Social aid’, arm band reads Gubernatorial candidate.

Kompas – February 13, 2013

Man: Don’t take wrong door Mr! (Left door reads ‘politics’, box carried by KPK chair Abraham Samad reads ‘Anas case’)

Kompas – February 6, 2013

Man: Now we see their true spots (colours)...