Corruption & Abuse of Power

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December 2015

Kompas – December 5, 2015

Man: It’s like they use the state as a game... (arm reads Gangster Elite)

August 2015

Kompas – August 29, 2015

Kid: Your looking for commissioners who are like angels right Madam? (hat reads ‘Suspects continue to increase’)

Women: Ah no, what’s important is they’re not sensitive about being made into gekos...

July 2015

Kompas – July 29, 2015

Man: As state official... Do I lack honesty? Lack loyalty? Lack integrity? Come on, what else?

Woman: Lack a conscience?

June 2015

Kompas – June 27, 2015

With graft suspects already taking advantage of a new legal loophole allowing them to use pretrial motions (praperadilan) to quash corruption charges before they are even indicted in court, Indonesia’s notoriously corrupt lawmakers have announced plans to revise the 2002 law on the Corruption Eradication Commission (Revisi UU KPK) aimed at limit

Kompas – June 19, 2015

Kid: You should set an example Mr! (document reads Law 25/2014 on State Officials Wealth Reports)

Man (speaking in Dutch): No need, I’ve always been rich haven’t I!

May 2015

Kompas – May 27, 2015

Handcuffs read ‘criminalisation’

Kompas – May 9, 2015

Kid: So you won’t be looking after the crocodile (the police) any more right Mr? (Dog collar reads Scenthound)

March 2015

Kompas – March 28, 2015

Kid: If you want to fix the law you’ve got to be bold and tough right Dad?

Signs: ‘Politicisation, criminalisation, pretrial motions, remission for corruptors’, ‘Law enforcement’

Kompas – March 14, 2015

Kid: Take it easy Dad! Forget about pretrial motions, corruption and bribery... what’s important is that we can still eat... the leftovers!

February 2015

Kompas – February 28, 2015

Kid: A pretrial hearing move right Dad? (belt reads ‘suspect’)