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November 2004

News/West Papua
Kompas Cyber Media – November 26, 2004

Jayapura – The governor of West Papua, Jaap Salossa, has forbidden people from commemorating December 1 as Papua’s independence day as well as hoisting the morning star flag or other symbols which

January 2004

Tempo Interactive – January 27, 2004

Jakarta – On Tuesday January 27, the vice-chairperson of the Pancasila Patriot Party, Henry Yosodiningrat, reported the general chairperson of the People’s Democratic Party (PRD), Yusuf Lakaseng to

News/Indonesia – January 27, 2004

Anton Aliabbas, Jakarta – The Pancasila Patriot Party is incensed after being referred to as part of the New Order [of former President Suharto] and has made a complaint to police against the gener