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August 2008

News/West Papua
Koran Tempo – August 9, 2008

Muh Syaifullah, Yogyakarta – The Yogyakarta District Attorney General’s Office has seized 213 books titled The Annihilation of Ethnic Melanesians: Breaking the Silence on the History of Violenc

June 2008

Tempo Interactive – June 16, 2008

Rika Panda, Jakarta – Starting from today, Monday June 16, the planned schedule for protest actions or demonstrations by the public in and around Jakarta will no longer be published though the inte

April 2008

News/West Papua
Tempo Interactive – April 22, 2008

Jayapura – Some 300 fully armed personal from the Indonesian military (TNI) and the national police (Polri) intercepted three trucks of protesters in the Arso Tujuh area bordering on the Keerom reg

February 2008

Berlawan – February 14, 2008

Vivi W. – Five hundred protesters from the Indonesian Student Union (SMI) held an action today on Thursday February 14 in Central Jakarta.

News/Indonesia – February 6, 2008

Irwan Nugroho, Jakarta – Apparently on account of being accused of being communists, an activity organised by the Joint School Forum (Sekber) was attacked and a number of participants injured yeste