Drunken Republic Cartoons

October 2016

Kompas – October 29, 2016

Kid: Where's the result of two years work? We're still poor!

Man: Patience... you want to get rich in an instant? Hurry off and see a mystic who can multiply banknotes...

Kompas – October 26, 2016

From an op-ed piece title 'Robbing your own country'

Kompas – October 24, 2016

With only around 10% of government spending being allocated to maintain and repair the country's dilapidated irrigation systems and improve farmers' capacity by providing farm equipment, seed and fertilizers, President Widodo's much touted goal of making Indonesia self-suffici

Kompas – October 22, 2016

Kid: Heating up the campaign right Dad? (stove reads 'black campaigns', matches read 'ethnic, religion, race, and inter-group inspired conflict'.

Kompas – October 15, 2016

Having emasculated the Corruption Eradication Commission, the only state institution to have proven itself effective in aggressively pursuing corrupt officials, judges, generals and politicians, by suspending its most aggressive commissioners and replacing them with more 'comp

Kompas – October 9, 2016

Man in Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) prison jacket: He he he... I can duplicate real money without having any mystical powers (ilmu ga'ib)

Kompas – October 1, 2016

Kid: Democracy isn't just for short-term political interests and power, right Dad?

Man: It shouldn't be!

September 2016

Kompas – September 17, 2016

Man: Transacti-onal?

Kompas – September 10, 2016

Man: The mistake was selecting them [as candidates] Mr! (Hats read: governor, regent, mayor, political dynasty, Rp)

Kompas – September 2, 2016

Kid: Politicians don't have to set a good example right Dad?

August 2016

Kompas – August 27, 2016

Man: An amnesty... Mr it sounds to me like it'll reduce me to poverty

Kid: He's confused

Kompas – August 13, 2016

Ignoring widespread calls for an independent inquiry following allegations by executed drug convict Freddy Budiman that the National Police, National Narcotics Agency and the military were involved in running his operations, which was revealed on social media by rights activis

Kompas – August 6, 2016

Man: Fake vaccines, fake graves, fake garbage, fake diplomas, fake duty stamps, fax police officers, fake religious tolerance, fake health care and social security, fake love...

Kid: What's the only thing guaranteed not to be fake? Bribe money!!

July 2016

Kompas – July 30, 2016

Man: Meaning less talk, more work... (Music sheet reads: 'Working Cabinet II')

Kompas – July 9, 2016

Kid: Best wishes for Idul Fitri! Sorry... but next month... will you still be reflecting on your life Mr? (Mirror reads 'fraternity')

Kompas – July 2, 2016

Kid: He's inhuman isn't he Mom? (sign reads Food and Drug Monitoring Agency)

June 2016

Kompas – June 25, 2016

Man: You have to be sensitive in reading the 'signs of nature' so you don't fumble around and get fatalistic

Kompas – June 18, 2016

Kid: Again, and again and again...

Kompas – June 11, 2016

Kid: Political beef trading (horse trading) is rampant, so why's beef so expensive Dad?

Table: Reshuffle, a ministerial post?, Power, Election Law

Kompas – June 4, 2016

Woman: Imagine if our child was the victim! (Headline reads: Pro-Contra Chemical Castration)